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Identities Abroad

Identities Abroad

The University of Michigan is committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and encourages all Wolverines to go abroad.

As you consider international travel, it’s important to recognize that different social identities may impact your experience abroad in unique ways. We’ve gathered a collection of resources to help you explore how your social identities may influence where you choose to travel and affect the way you experience life in another country.

Read stories by students with identities similar to yours, review recommendations for how to find and prepare for international travel, and explore links to resources for a deeper dive.

Researching opportunities, learning about your host country, and leveraging available resources can help you take greater ownership of your international experience.

"I still can’t believe that after 17 years, I’m journeying back to Vietnam. This trip is more than a study abroad trip. Now that I get the opportunity to be fully immersed in Vietnamese food, people, and culture, I hope to develop my Vietnamese identity. On a more personal level, this is a trip for me to meet the side of the family I’ve never known and live the culture my mother left behind. There’s a whole other world outside the US, and I can’t wait to experience it! See you soon, Vietnam."

“I was afraid that my peers would believe the stigma surrounding mental illness, that they would look at me as weak or crazy, but in reality they supported me. A few times, they even reminded me to take my medication when the days got too busy and long. “

"As a first generation college student and a child of Polish refugees, I had the opportunity to look up at the wall that held my parents captive during the Cold War. Even though some of the students on my program had visited Greece and the Aegean Islands before, I could watch a Santorini sunset for the first time after a long day of exploring different ancient Greek archeological sites and learning about Minoan culture."

"Travel is an education on self-reliance and friendship."

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