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Explore Education Abroad

Explore U-M Education Abroad Opportunities

Widen your world. Every year, thousands of U-M students just like you take courses, volunteer, work, and conduct research in over 100 countries around the world. Find your destination and gain a new perspective through academic programs, internships, and service learning overseas.

Start exploring opportunities with M-Compass, the University of Michigan’s campus-wide system for education abroad opportunities. From group study abroad led by U-M faculty members to highly individualized internship and service-based experiences, M-Compass can help you find the experience that’s right for you.

Funding for Studying Abroad

Financial support for your education abroad experience is available from a variety of sources. Whether your trip is for educational credit or not, there are many resources available to help make opportunities accessible to all U-M students.

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U-M Global Footprint

At U-M, we are proud of our long history of international engagement and our status as a national leader in sending students abroad. Where will you go?

Global Footprint


Global Spotlight

“My favorite experience was being able to belt out karaoke in a country I only arrived at a week ago with other women I barely knew. Despite the discomfort of unfamiliarity, all I could think was, wow I love being a woman. I think EWHA's program is so important for other women in the art and design world to experience because it inspires strength and love for other women no matter what they bring to the table.”

Anna Poorman
Penny Stamps School of Art and Design
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“When I got to Rome, I was most shocked by the challenges of living truly independently in a place where I couldn't understand most people. Being able to go to Rome for an extended period of time really made me appreciate the life of a European as well as the joys I take for granted at home in the United States. It brought me closer to my group here [in Rome] while also opening myself up to making new friends on-the-fly. If I could do anything differently, I would try to be more open and excited to meet people and do things sooner.”

Mustafa Ali
College of Engineering
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"I hope this project will allow me to grow and continue to work in design fields that address how objects or spaces can be made better to accommodate different needs and arising climate issues."

Meghana Tummala
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
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Seoul, South Korea
Anna Poorman
Rome, Italy
Mustafa Ali
Mexico City
Meghana Tummala
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Program Availability Across U-M Colleges and Schools

Many U-M colleges and schools have their own education abroad office or individual advisors to guide undergraduate students interested in studying abroad. While many students choose programs within their own school or college office, there are a number of reasons why you might want to study abroad through a different one.

Colleges With Programs That Allow Outside Acceptance

  • Stamps School of Art & Design
    Photographing Paris is open to non-Stamps students at U-M
  • College of Engineering
    Entrepreneurship & Shanghai Joint Institute are open to all non-CoE students at U-M
  • Ross School of Business
    Most programs are open to non-Business students at U-M
  • School of Information
    Exchange programs & Design Thinking are open to non-SI students at U-M
  • College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    All programs are open to non-LSA students at U-M
  • School of Nursing
    Most programs are open to non-Nursing students at U-M
  • School of Kinesiology
    Most programs are open to non-Kinesiology students at U-M

Understanding Identities Abroad

As you consider international travel, it’s important to recognize that different social identities may impact your experience abroad in unique ways. Explore stories from students with identities similar to yours, recommendations for how to find and prepare for international travel, and more.

Explore Identities Abroad Resources

International Center

The International Center serves the international population, facilitates intercultural and international education, and fosters a global campus community at the University of Michigan and beyond. The IC also assists students to find and fund work, volunteer, or study programs overseas through its Peace Corps office and Education Abroad initiatives.

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