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International Committees

The U-M supports a number of faculty/staff committees that guide and support our global engagement work.

Council on Global Engagement

The members of the Council on Global Engagement are nominated by their respective Deans and Directors and appointed by the Vice Provost for Global Engagement & Interdisciplinary Academic Affairs.  The 2017-2020 chair of the Council is Katie Lopez, Assistant Director of the Office of Global Activities in the School of Social Work, kalopez@umich.edu.

About the Council

Global engagement is core to the educational mission of the University of Michigan. The scope and excellence of our international learning opportunities are U-M differentiators and we are dedicated to helping all of our students experience the wider world through academic and co-curricular programs abroad.  Equally important is the cultural and intellectual diversity that our international students and scholars bring to the U-M campus.  The U-M continually seeks new ways to both expand education abroad capacity and to create a campus culture that helps students from all backgrounds learn from one another.  The Council on Global Engagement (CGE) helps the University build greater cohesion, innovation and quality in these efforts.

The CGE grew from a Study Abroad Council convened in 2008 by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.  The Council was founded at the request of our undergraduate deans, who identified two keys areas of need: 1. to increase U-M student participation in education abroad, and 2. to increase coordination and administrative efficiencies among academic units sponsoring these experiences for our students.

The group took its current name in 2009, reflecting the growing diversity of its membership.  CGE members are appointed by their respective Deans and include both faculty and professional staff with decision-making authority for education abroad (both academic and co-curricular/undergraduate and graduate levels), on-campus programs with a global emphasis, and support for incoming international students and scholars.  The Global Engagement Team manages the Council on behalf of the Provost and also appoints the Council Chair, who may be a faculty or staff member and serves a three-year term.

CGE members participate in monthly meetings and represent their units in the following efforts:

  • Provide expert advice to campus leadership on strategic initiatives for international education.
  • Identify common challenges to global engagement and develop solutions that meet the needs of our diverse campus community.
  • Submit recommendations to the Provost’s Office that build U-M education abroad capacity, facilitate a welcoming climate for incoming students and scholars, and increase collaboration and administrative efficiencies across campus.
  • Provide feedback on university policies and business processes related to education abroad.
  • Share standards of excellence in program development, management, and travel health and safety.

While CGE membership is by appointment only, the Provost’s Office Global Engagement Team maintains a broader M-Community group for international education announcements, events and information sharing: IE-announce@umich.edu.  Any U-M faculty and staff are welcome to join this M-Community group.  Please contact Jean Sadler in the Provost’s Office to be added to the IE-announce list: djsadler@umich.edu.

International Education Network

The International Education Network is a community of practitioners open to all U-M faculty and staff who work on international programs: education abroad, international student and scholar services, or global academic programs.  Members range from faculty advisors for international programs to professional advising staff to global librarians and English as a Second Language instructors.

The Network meets once per month to share best practices and ideas.  The M-Community group for the Network is: ie-announce@umich.edu (“international education-announce”).  This address can be used to share announcements about relevant events, student opportunities, and professional resources.  U-M faculty and staff can contact Jean Sadler (djsadler@umich.edu) in the Provost’s Office to be added to the Network list and may access the Network’s webpage here.

The Leaders and Best Global Tailgate helps U.S. and international students share traditions.

The Leaders and Best Global Tailgate helps U.S. and international students share traditions.

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    U-M hosted students from 141 countries last year.

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