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Experts by Region


  • Omolade Adunbi, Afroamerican and African Studies (Nigeria, West Africa)
  • Kelly Askew, Anthropology/Afroamerican and African Studies (Tanzania, East Africa)
  • Andries Coetzee, Linguistics (Southern Africa, South Africa)
  • Imara Dawson, International Institute (International development; public-private partnerships)
  • Amal Fadlalla, Anthropology/Women’s Studies/Afro-American and African Studies (Sudan, Northern Africa)
  • Nkem Khumbah, Comprehensive Studies (Cameroon, Central Africa, African Union, African Free Trade Area)
  • Derek Petersen, History/Afroamerican and African Studies (Uganda, East Africa)
  • Anne Pitcher, Afroamerican and African Studies/Political Science (Mozambique, Angola, southern Africa)



Latin America

Middle East