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Global Engagement Team

GET Services

On behalf of the Provost’s Office, the Global Engagement Team (GET) is responsible for:

  • Providing consultation, support services, and infrastructure for U-M Schools/Colleges/Units offering education abroad programs and placements for U-M students.
  • Developing and maintaining resources for international travel health and safety.
  • Responding to travel emergencies and critical incidents abroad.
  • Offering pre-departure workshops for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Managing the M-Compass and travel registry systems.

For general inquiries, contact global.engagement@umich.edu and for international travel safety inquiries, contact umich-itoc@umich.edu

Details are in the Global Engagement Team Service Menu.

Global Engagement Team Members

Valeria Bertacco

Vice Provost for Engaged Learning, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Vice Provost for Engaged Learning Role and Responsibilities

In her role as vice provost, Valeria advocates for and supports university initiatives that create opportunities for action-based and engaged student learning, including such opportunities as international experiences, community-based curricular experiences, undergraduate student research, student projects, and co-curricular experiences. 

Valeria (she/her/hers) can be reached at valeria@umich.edu or (734)-763-0395.


Wyatt Boykin

International Travel Safety Coordinator
(734) 647-3517

International Travel Safety Coordinator Role and Responsibilities

In his role as the international travel safety coordinator, Wyatt:

  • Assists pre-departure international travelers to develop/submit safety plans for ITOC review.
  • Monitors international health, safety, and security conditions and alerts travel safety GET members of major concerns for U-M travelers.
  • Creates, maintains and delivers up-to-date pre-departure health and safety orientations as requested.
  • Provides general support for international travelers, including assistance with identifying relevant campus resources, completing U-M international travel requirements, obtaining and understanding travel abroad health insurance, and guidance for specific health, safety, and travel logistics issues.

Wyatt (he/him/his) can be reached at wboykin@umich.edu or at (734) 647-3517.  For general inquiries, email umich-itoc@umich.edu which goes to all of the GET travel safety members. For overseas emergencies, please follow instructions on Global Michigan.


Amy Carey

Assistant Vice Provost for International Engagement
(734) 615-9206

Assistant Vice Provost for International Engagement Role and Responsibilities

Among other aspects of her role, Amy:

  • Leads the Global Engagement Team.
  • Works closely with Education Abroad units and other central units in advancing international and multicultural experiences for U-M students.
  • Promotes, facilitates, and supports connections with the University’s strategic international partners.

Amy (she/her/hers) can be reached at amycarey@umich.edu or (734) 615-9206. For general inquiries, email global.engagement@umich.edu. For international agreements, contact international-agreements@umich.edu


Heidi Doyle

Technical Manager
(734) 647-3518

Technical Manager Role and Responsibilities

In the role of Technical Manager, Heidi:

  • Serves as the primary technical contact and system administrator for Terra Dotta systems: M-Compass and the University Travel Registry.
  • Provides technical and operational support to administrative and end users.
  • Is responsible for system access procedures, including oversight of business owner approval, creating and maintaining training modules and documentation.
  • Compiles U-M education abroad annual reports and produces interactive dashboards.
  • Responds to global engagement and travel registry data requests.

Heidi (she/her/hers) can be reached at hdoyle@umich.edu or (734) 647-3518. Data requests, support issues with M-Compass and other requests can be directed to global.engagement@umich.edu. Email travel.registry@umich.edu for assistance with the University Travel Registry.


Cindy Kerschbaum

Technical Coordinator
(734) 647-3631

Technical Coordinator Role and Responsibility

As Technical Coordinator, Cindy:

  • Consults with education abroad advisors to design and maintain professional quality program web pages, with a focus on student audience, while meeting U-M standards and unit-level business needs.
  • Responds to incidents and technical support requests from students, faculty, and staff.
  • Approves system access requests, provides training to administrative users, and creates documentation that supports user experience.

Cindy (she/her/hers) can be reached at ckerschb@umich.edu or (734) 647-3631. Support issues with M-Compass and other requests can be directed to global.engagement@umich.edu.


Patrick Morgan

Chief International Safety Officer
(734) 763-8840

Chief International Safety Officer Role and Responsibilities

Among other aspects of his role, Patrick: 

  • Leads the travel safety GET members (Int’l Travel Safety Manager and Int’l Travel Safety Coordinator) who liaise with U-M units to provide clear safety and emergency guidance, to share best practices related to traveler safety, and to convey U-M policy guidelines.
  • Manages U-M policy related to international travel, in particular the International Travel Policy SPG 601.31
  • Chairs the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC).
  • Provides training for responding to international incidents to the U-M community, in particular for units who manage some of their travelers’ international incidents and program leader workshops. 

Patrick (he/him/his) can be reached at morganpt@umich.edu or (734) 763-8840.  For general inquiries, email umich-itoc@umich.edu which goes to all of the GET travel safety members. For overseas emergencies, please follow instructions on Global Michigan.


Janelle Pangilinan  

Global Engagement Project Manager
(734) 764-7852

Global Engagement Project Manager Role and Responsibilities

In her role as the Global Engagement Project Manager, Janelle: 

  • Leads and executes large-scale, high-level projects that serve all U-M units.
  • Manages professional development and monthly meetings for the U-M International Education Network.
  • Provides pre-departure consultation and orientation sessions for U-M units with students traveling overseas on topics such as intercultural competence and communication, travel preparation, and navigating diverse personal identities abroad. 
  • Manages campus-wide outreach efforts and marketing campaigns and develops promotional materials to complement unit-level efforts to support education abroad. 

Janelle (she/her/hers) can be reached at pjanelle@umich.edu or (734) 764-7852. For general inquiries, email global.engagement@umich.edu.


Ayesha Usmani

International Travel Safety Manager
(734) 764-2395

Internation Safety Manager Role and Responsibilities

In her role as the International Travel Safety Manager, Ayesha:

  • Conducts risk assessments to determine U-M Travel Designations.
  • Serves as backup International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) Chair and as a 24/7 on-call emergency responder to manage international incidents and sends wellness checks to U-M travelers abroad as necessary.
  • Co-facilitates workshops for U-M units that manage student incidents that occur internationally and shares best practices related to traveler safety
  • Develops and modifies processes pertaining to travel health and safety.

Ayesha (she/her/hers) can be reached at ausmani@umich.edu or at (734) 764-2395.  For general inquiries, email umich-itoc@umich.edu which goes to all of the GET travel safety members. For overseas emergencies, please follow instructions on Global Michigan.

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    U-M hosted students from 115 countries in Fall 2020

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