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U-M Global Travel Suspension – All Countries

March 11, 2020 COVID-19 update from President Schlissel: All U-M international travel is suspended until at least April 21, with rare exceptions requiring approval. All U-M education abroad programs will be altered or suspended. Domestic travel for university business is strongly discouraged. View the full announcement.

The travel suspensions do not apply to personal travelers, such as international students traveling back to their home countries to live, visit family members, etc.

Additional details for faculty, staff and students are available below:

Faculty and Staff Travel

Faculty and Staff Travel: Rare exceptions for upcoming international travel deemed essential may be granted if approved by a designated administrator. We encourage domestic travelers to seek virtual methods of convening for university business. The university also discourages upcoming personal domestic and international travel. 

Undergraduate Student Travel

Undergraduate Student Travel: All U-M education abroad programs are being altered or suspended for the winter term. These programs are primarily undergraduate group study abroad experiences that are managed by a U-M office.  U-M is instructing current participants in these programs to return to their homes. The university is also working on pathways to help these students continue their academic progress. Spring/summer education abroad programs with departure dates up to June 30th are also suspended. 

Outside of U-M education abroad programs, undergraduate students who are currently abroad on individual experiences with U-M funds and/or earning U-M in-residence credit are considered to be on University of Michigan Related Travel. These students should contact the U-M office that is providing funds and/or awarding in-residence credit to discuss next steps.

Individual undergraduates who are currently abroad on independent, non-U-M programs (e.g. they are not receiving U-M Funds and/or not earning U-M in-residence credit) are considered to be on personal travel. These students are also encouraged to return to their homes.

Graduate Student Travel

Graduate Student Travel: In instances where international travel is essential to the graduate student’s academic progress and where the research can only be completed at a specific location, graduate students can request to remain at their sites by submitting an Individual Safety Plan application and documentation from the student’s academic unit that verifies the work is essential and location-specific. The documentation will be reviewed by the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC).

Graduate students who are planning future international travel must also submit the documentation listed above. 

The safety plan must ensure that the graduate student is aware of:

  • Personal health risks, including those for vulnerable travelers who are at higher risk of COVID-19. The U-M COVID-19 page describes “Who is at risk?”
  • The unpredictable nature of the global COVID-19 pandemic, where cases can spike quickly in any region, as described by the World Health Organization and within the Global COVID-19 Outbreak Notice
  • Travel risks, where local and international transportation can be disrupted or stopped with short notice. This includes the possibility that travelers could find themselves unable to leave their international location. 
  • Rapidly changing immigration regulations, which may prohibit travelers from entering or exiting countries, including returning to the U.S. 

Note: For the purposes of this travel suspension, all countries outside of the United States will be treated as a U-M Travel Restriction, per SPG 601.31 on international travel.

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