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Faculty and Staff

The University Travel Registry is a confidential and secure database for maintaining key travel information for Faculty, Staff and Students traveling off campus. Contents of this database are kept in accordance with the University of Michigan’s privacy notice and information is gathered for the purpose of locating and communicating with travelers, responding to emergencies, and serves as the central source of travel abroad data for institutional reporting using anonymous, aggregated data. The University does not share travel registry data outside of these stated business purposes.

Registering group travel abroad?

  • Please submit a Student Group Travel Request Form and list all student and/or affiliated participants.
  • For UMRT group travel abroad to a U-M Travel Warning or Restriction destination, the program leader must complete a Group Safety Plan for ITOC approval and each participant will need to complete a Safety Plan for Individual Travel for ITOC approval, in addition to other U-M and unit travel requirements. Group safety plans should be submitted at least 4 weeks before making any non-refundable purchases towards a trip in the event travel is not approved or must be postponed. Participants should also avoid making any financial commitments towards travel until after the Group Safety Plan and other participation requirements have been completed. 
  • As described in the SPG 601.31 for International TravelGroup Travel Abroad refers to a cohort of for U-M Related Travel (UMRT) student participants on a trip that meets each of the following criteria:
    • The group consists of a cohort of Student participants with similar program experience dates, itinerary, and related activities at the destination.
    • A group leader is assuming some responsibility for the group, such as supporting students and serving as the point of contact in the event of an emergency. The group leader can be a U-M student or a faculty or staff member who is leading the group within the context of their job responsibilities.
    • A U-M program organizer or a U-M group leader exercises some element of control by making travel logistic decisions on behalf of the participants, such as choosing accommodations and/or mode of transportation.
  • For more information: 
  • For additional questions, please refer to this FAQs flyer or contact global.engagement@umich.edu.

Who is required to register travel?

  • All U-M faculty, staff and students traveling abroad for university-related purposes. (See U-M International Travel Policy).
  • Travel should be registered prior to departure.
  • Travelers should update their registrations as additional information becomes available or changes occur during travel.
  • Faculty and staff travelers may list accompanying family or friends who are not directly associated with the University.
  • Personal, leisure, and domestic travel may be registered, but this is not required.

What are the benefits of the Travel Registry?

  • Emergency Communications: Your travel registration enables the U-M to reach you in the event of an emergency – abroad or at home. The travel registry is the University’s official means for sharing urgent health, safety and security related information.
  • U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance: The travel registry provides access to U-M approved travel abroad health insurance. This coverage also includes emergency evacuation in the event of political instability or natural disaster.
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