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Seoul, South Korea
Naomi Rodriguez

Student Perspective: Naomi in Seoul

Naomi Rodriguez
Penny Stamps School of Art and Design, and School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

“One of my biggest reasons for studying abroad is I’m really interested in seeing how different cultures function and how they connect with folks from their culture and foreigners. With that, I love to apply that knowledge to the work I create to expand my global perspective.

My favorite thing about going to Seoul, South Korea is understanding different customs and how closely related it was to growing up with Latino parents.

One of the greatest things about studying abroad with a few friends and meeting a group of people I can call friends that come from so many different parts of the globe. We all shared similar interests and somehow were able to enjoy doing everything and anything together; it’s an experience I would never trade. 

A core memory of mine was visiting the National and Historical museums in Korea with my art classes. I was utterly amazed at history that is so well preserved and kept alive and it inspired me to do more research on the history of my family and where they originated from.”