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Madrid, Spain
Melissa Vozar

Student Perspective: Melissa in Madrid

Melissa Vozar
School of Kinesiology

“My study abroad experience was an incredible opportunity to learn more about sports business from an international level. 

I was surprised by the work culture in Spain as I completed an internship abroad. The work-life balance in Spain seems to be much better than within the United States in terms of the sports industry. 

My biggest takeaway was simply learning more about myself along the way. This experience allowed me to get out of my comfort zone in so many ways. First, I was speaking an entirely different language, challenging myself constantly. Second, I was quickly adapting to a new and exciting culture.

There is not much I would change about my study abroad experience, but one thing I do recommend for other students to do is stay in their host city more! I traveled a lot while abroad and was fortunate to have a lot of time during the weeks to explore Madrid. However, I know many students who travel so much they forget to explore and enjoy their host city. 

Overall, my core memory was the various people I met along the way. It was so exciting to hear about where they came from, their culture, and how this is different from the United States. My favorite experience was taking advantage of the opportunities that the city had to offer such as dance classes, travel options, and even language classes.”