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Preparing for your Travel
Graduate Student Travel Requirements

Graduate Student Travel Requirements

Use the resources on this page to get started planning your travel abroad experience as graduate student. Here you’ll find the necessary steps outlined for determining the travel risk rating of your destination, registering your travel, insurance needs, and more.

Travel Requirements:

Graduate students on U-M Related Travel (UMRT) must complete the following requirements before travel.

Step 1:

Determine if you are on U-M Related Travel 

First, determine if your travel counts as U-M Related travel and then continue with the steps below.

A traveling student who meets one or more of the following criteria is on University of Michigan Related Travel (UMRT)

  • Receives U-M in-residence credit for the experience
  • Receives funding from a U-M unit or receives funds managed by the U-M for their travel
  • Participates in a travel abroad experience that is necessary to achieve a degree requirement. This could include experiences such as degree milestones, dissertation field research, practical, internships, etc.
  • Travels on a program or trip organized by a Sponsored Student Organization or a program or trip that is formally sanctioned by a U-M unit as a Sponsored Event
  • Travels on a program or trip that is U-M Managed or Organized*

*An international experience is considered U-M Managed or Organized when a U-M unit, faculty, or staff member is involved in creating, funding, or approving the experience, or coordinating the applications and selection of participants.

What is U-M Related Travel

Step 2:

Register Your Travel

Register your travel with U-M for the duration of travel.

For students who applied for their program through M-Compass, your program application is your travel registration.

Register Your Travel

Step 3:

Obtain U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance

Students are required to enroll in U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance (GeoBlue) for the duration of travel. For U-M Managed Programs, some departments enroll students in GeoBlue on their behalf, so students should contact the department managing their abroad experience if this is the case.

Health & Insurance Resources

Step 4:

Review Country Risk Rating and Submit A Plan (if applicable)

Additional requirements depend on the U-M travel risk rating of your specific travel destination/s within the country. To determine your country’s risk rating, view the Country Risk Rating page.

Country Risk Ratings

Step 5:
Follow college/unit-specific travel approval steps if any.