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International Collaborations
Types of Agreements

Types of Agreements

Academic Cooperation and Educational Programs

The Provost’s Office holds U-M’s signature authority for academic cooperation and educational program agreements with international institutions. Activities under the purview of the Provost’s Office include:

  • Affiliation agreements for student field placements
  • Education/study abroad programs for U-M students
  • Tuition-based student exchanges
  • Programs for incoming international students that provide short-term study, internships, or research experience
  • Joint academic programs
  • Structured programs for visiting scholars that involve U-M employment, clinical care, or research
  • General Memoranda of Understanding for academic collaboration

For U-M purposes, a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) is a general, non-legally binding document that is used as the first step between U-M and a foreign institution at the initial stage of establishing their collaborative relationship – the institutions want or need to formalize and document the relationship, but are not yet ready to undertake any specific programs, projects, or activities. An MOU states that the institutions want to work together and cooperate in developing various future programs/projects/activities.

Sponsored Projects, Research, and Data Use

The U-M Office of Research (UMOR) holds signature authority for activities that involve sponsored research projects, external funding, or specific research deliverables. View UMOR-sponsored project agreement guidelines and unfunded agreement types. Examples of UMOR agreement activities include:

  • Sponsored research, external funding agencies
  • Data use agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Facility access agreements
  • Teaming agreements
  • Unfunded agreements on a specific research topic or project between individual faculty members or teams of investigators
  • Vehicle and equipment loan agreements
  • Visiting researcher agreements

Contracts for Vendor Goods and Services

Procurement Services holds signature authority for contracts and invoices associated with all U-M purchases from outside vendors. View guidelines for the procurement of education abroad goods and services. Examples of international procurement items include:

  • Accommodation/facilities rental at international sites (e.g., student housing)
  • Vehicle/driving contracts
  • Contracts with third-party education abroad providers for U-M student programs
  • Invoices from partner institutions for student programs and services
  • Consulting contracts for individuals providing on-site program support or instruction