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Managing Mental Health Abroad
Mental Health: While Abroad

While Abroad

  • Remember some stress is normal – give yourself time to adjust to changes and try to remain positive.
  • Don’t isolate yourself. Engage with peers and in activities. Connect with your home support system.
  • Follow your routines and therapy, if applicable.
  • Identify the effects of acculturation stress, such as changes in your behavior, sleep, or appetite, mood fluctuations, and social isolation.
  • Practice grounding techniques or breathing exercises.
  • Recall coping strategies. What has helped in the past?
  • Focus on a manageable aspect of the problem. What do you want to focus on first? Develop a plan of action.
  • If you feel paralyzed by stress, can’t control your emotions, depression interferes with your ability to function, or notice these or similar symptoms in a loved one, it may be time to seek additional support and professional care. (See “Additional Resources” section).

Self-Guided Support | Pre-Departure & While Abroad

  • Togetherall – virtual platform to anonymously seek well-being support from peers.
  • CAPS Stressbusters App – a free app that helps integrate mental health wellness strategies into your life.
  • MiTalk self-help resources on various mental health topics.

Virtual Counseling Options | While Abroad

  • Uwill Teletherapy Services – offers students with access to a therapist of their choice via the mode of their choice – video, phone, chat or messaging. (Six sessions at no cost).
  • GeoBlue Global Wellness Assist – a telehealth counseling option to address issues related to managing life changes, harassment, anxiety, depression, academic pressure, stress, and more.

In-Person Counseling Options | While Abroad

Crisis Services | While Abroad