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Managing Mental Health Abroad
Mental Health: Pre-Departure Preparation

Pre-departure Preparation

After selecting your travel abroad destination, consider how to mitigate mental health concerns if they arise.

  • If you currently see a therapist/psychiatrist regularly, determine if this can continue abroad.
  • You should have access to several counseling options (See “Additional Resources” section).
  • Explore U-M’s Resilient Travel website to learn how to cope with stressors abroad.
  • Consider ways you manage stress at home through activities such as daily journaling, regular exercise, meditation, and maintaining regular sleep routines. Develop a plan for prioritizing your mental well-being.
  • Talk to your support system members about mutual expectations for keeping in touch while you are abroad
  • If you are comfortable disclosing pre-existing mental health conditions with host country contacts, disclosing diagnoses can help your contacts support you in an emergency or be aware of warning signs.
  • Find resources such as emergency hotlines and the nearest medical services in your host destination.

Medications legal in the United States might be illegal abroad. Follow these steps to determine access:

If a medication is legal but not available in your host country, contact your physician if an extended supply of your medication(s) is possible. If this is not possible or if your medication is illegal, consult with your physician about alternative options. This process will take time so pursue this route sooner rather than later

Accommodations & Healthcare Access | Pre-Departure

Self-Guided Support | Pre-Departure & While Abroad

  • Togetherall – virtual platform to anonymously seek well-being support from peers.
  • CAPS Stressbusters App – a free app that helps integrate mental health wellness strategies into your life.
  • MiTalk self-help resources on various mental health topics.