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Managing Mental Health Abroad
Mental Health: Before Applying to Travel Abroad

Before Applying to Travel Abroad:

Pre-departure preparation is not only for those with pre-existing mental health conditions or those who have never been abroad. Everyone needs to prepare!

Researching Potential Host Countries
  • What do you need to successfully manage your mental health and well-being during your travel experience?
  • What are the language or cultural barriers you could encounter?
  • Do you need to consult a mental health professional in your host country for continued care or to refill a prescription?
  • What types of treatment are available to you in your host country?

(See U-M’s Travel Health Preparation Guide for details.)

Connecting with an Advisor

If you feel comfortable, consider discussing mental health needs with your Study Abroad Advisor. Your advisor can guide you in identifying country-specific concerns and available support options as you develop an individualized strategy for your mental well-being.

Requesting Accommodations
  • If you anticipate needing accommodations (e.g testing, classroom, assistive technology, etc.), make an appointment with a counselor from Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) to learn more about the types of accommodations available and receive documentation of accommodation needs for education abroad experiences.
  • While not all accommodations are guaranteed while abroad, SSD–in collaboration with study abroad advisors and host country staff–will work to ensure students can make an informed decision about their experience.
  • You should discuss potential accommodations early on in your travel planning process so that there is a higher probability that they can be arranged.