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Group Travel Requirements

What is Group Travel Abroad?

Definition: As described in the SPG 601.31 for International TravelGroup Travel Abroad refers to a cohort of for U-M Related Travel (UMRT) student participants on a trip that meets the following criteria: 

  • The group consists of a cohort of Student participants with similar program experience dates, itinerary, and related activities at the destination.
  • A group leader is assuming some responsibility for the group, such as supporting students and serving as the point of contact in the event of an emergency. The group leader can be a U-M student or a faculty or staff member who is leading the group within the context of their job responsibilities.
  • A U-M program organizer or a U-M group leader exercises some element of control by making travel logistic decisions on behalf of the participants, such as choosing accommodations and/or mode of transportation.

Helpful tools and resources for primary group leaders include:

Group Leader Responsibilities & Tasks:

Task 1: Visit the U-M Travel Designations page to determine the status of your travel destination/s.


Task 2: Determine Group Travel Eligibility.


Task 3: Ensure group members have registered their travel with U-M.  

  • For groups where students applied for the experience through M-Compass, the program application in M-Compass acts as the travel registration and no further action is needed.
  • For groups where students did not apply for the experience through M-Compass, the group leader or the U-M units sponsoring travel will need to submit a Student Group Travel Request Form, which is located on the Global Michigan Register Travel page. The Global Engagement Team will then register the group into M-Compass on your behalf.  Please note that travel registration does not imply travel approval and group leaders must obtain School/College/Unit travel approval. Search for your unit on the Education Abroad Office page. 
  • For questions about travel registration, please contact global.engagement@umich.edu.


Task 4: If your group is traveling to a Travel Health Medium/ High Risk or U-M Travel Warning/ Restriction destination, submit the Group Safety Plan

  • Submit a Group Safety Plan for travel to either a U-M Travel Health Medium / High risk or a U-M Travel Warning / Restriction destination to be reviewed by the International Travel Oversight Committee. (See example of a Group Safety Plan.) A Group Safety Plan is NOT required for a U-M Travel Health Low Risk destination.
  • Submit the safety plan at least 4 weeks before making any non-refundable purchases towards a trip in the event travel is not approved or must be postponed.
  • The Group Safety Plan will ask group leaders to demonstrate their understanding of travel feasibility and outline travel and risk mitigation plans.

Task 5: Adhere to the group leader responsibilities as outlined in the SPG 601.31 International Travel Policy, including

  • Obtaining approval from the International Travel Dean’s Designee as specified by the sponsoring School/College/Unit. Questions regarding the appropriate International Travel Dean’s Designee can be directed to umich-itoc@umich.edu 
  • Following best practices for: health, safety, and security planning; pre-departure orientation; on-site activities; crisis management, and post-trip review.
  • Following any additional unit-level guidance or requirements for travel. Requirements may include signing and adhering to any documents detailing program leader responsibilities.
  • Supporting students to the best of their ability in the event of a crisis situation and alerting U-M of a crisis by following the General Emergency Protocols for U-M International Travelers.
  • Adhering to the sponsoring unit directions when performing duties in the official capacity as a program leader.
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