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Graduate Student Travel Requirements

Travel eligibility for students is outlined on the U-M Travel Health Plan and Safety Plan Process Flowchart.

Image of Travel Flowchart Instructions

Information to be found within the image can also be found within the accordion text below.


Step 1: Register Your Travel

Register travel with U-M and obtain U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance: https://global.umich.edu/travel-resources/register-your-travel/

  • For students who applied for their program through M-Compass, your program application is your travel registration. 

Step 2: Submit Additional Requirements if Necessary

Additional requirements for travel depending on the risk designation of your specific travel destination/s within the country. See individual designation requirements below.

Travel Health Low Risk

    • Travel Health Low Risk: No additional requirements.

Travel Health Medium Risk or Travel Health High Risk

U-M Travel Warning or U-M Travel Restriction

Other Considerations:

Follow the U-M Vaccination Policy- Review the policy on the U-M Health Response.

Follow college/unit-specific travel approval steps, if any.

Review the Additional Considerations for International Travel, which includes:

  • Verifying your ability to enter a country and meeting additional public health entry requirements, if any. See the “Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements” section of the U.S. Department of State’s Country Information pages or the CDC’s Travelers’ Health Destinations pages for your destination/s.
  • Having a financial and logistics plan in the event you must self-isolate / quarantine either before, during, or after your intended travel dates, which may mean delaying your return to the United States.
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