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Exploring U-M’s Opportunities Around the World


Pre-Departure Planning

Careful planning for travel abroad will facilitate a safer and more successful journey.  These resources can guide you through pre-departure preparations and ensure that you are meeting U-M requirements for University-related travel.  Also visit the Health and Safety & Security sections of Global Michigan prior to travel.

Community Engagement Online Mini Course

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of content experts from U-M, the Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change massive open online course (MOOC) is designed to help both novices and seasoned practitioners of community engagement work more effectively with communities and organizations, both domestically and abroad.  Key concepts and strategies covered in the course include:

  • valuing community context and expertise
  • understanding how social identities, power, and privilege impact your interactions
  • approaches to collaborative leadership, such listening effectively, resolving conflicts, and building mutually-beneficial partnerships
  • reflecting on your work, and transitioning in and out of communities
  • effectively managing community-engaged projects

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Immigration, Travel Documents & Legal Updates

The university has collected this list of resources to assist community members in their pre-departure planning to minimize delays, disruption, or inconvenience during your travel.   Please note that University of Michigan does not represent faculty, staff, or students in personal legal matters.

ACLU Guidance: Know Your Rights When Encountering Law Enforcement at Airports and Other Ports of Entry into the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security: Fact Sheets regarding Change to International Travel Carry-On Items for Select Last Point of Departure Airports with Commercial Flights to the U.S. and updated Q& A on this topic.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Information about search authority for persons, baggage and merchandise arriving in the Customs territory of the United States and information about the inspection of electronic devices.

U.S. Passports and International Travel: Official application instructions and processing times for U.S. passports.

U-M Travel Guides & Checklists

U-M Student Travel Guide: This comprehensive guide provides in-depth travel information for students from all U-M campuses.

Pre-Departure Checklist for Individual Travel:  This checklist identifies key tasks that you will need to complete before departure, from host country research to travel documents and packing.

Practical Tips: Applicable for seasoned travelers and those going abroad for the first time, this suite of resources includes pre-departure tips and tricks.  Use the Travel Tips, Packing Tips, and Plan for the Land worksheets to ensure that your travel logistics are covered.  Take your preparation one step further with Before you go abroad: Consider what you know to dive deeper into the context of your host country.

Partnering with an NGO Overseas: Many U-M students choose to create independent or group travel experiences abroad by working with a non-governmental organization (NGO).  These resources will assist students with self-assessment regarding their interest in partnering with an NGO; guide them in ranking their priorities; provide strategies for developing an NGO profile; and understand how to evaluate a potential NGO partnership.

Selecting Safe Housing Abroad: Some overseas programs provide housing, and in other cases students are responsible for finding their own accommodations. These resources can help students select safe housing abroad; follow a housing checklist; and determine their housing priorities.

General Emergency Protocols for U-M International Travelers: Before departure, ensure that you are equipped with vital emergency information by downloading the complete General Emergency Protocols for U-M International Travelers. Additionally, visit the Emergency Contacts page and program important numbers into your phone prior to departure.

U-M Travel Health Preparation Guide: This tool helps students identify and plan for health care needs during international travel. Travelers are encouraged to answer the questions in this guide and consult with a health care provider, UHS, and/or CAPS where appropriate.

International Center: Travel abroad basics; Travel advisory for international students, faculty and staff; and Travel in the U.S.

Global Library Services: The University Library maintains a collection of Global Information Resources, staffed by librarians with diverse international specializations.  This broad collection includes country profiles, scholarly databases, culture and language learning resources, and worldwide NGO directories.

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