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Visiting Scholars Programs

Michigan Virtual Provost Scholars (MVPS) Program

The Office of the Vice Provost for Engaged Learning welcomes applications from University of Michigan units for the Michigan Virtual Provost Scholars (MVPS) Program. The program aims to support scholars across the globe who have been displaced by natural disaster or war by providing an affiliation with the University of Michigan and online access to the rich research materials available through the University of Michigan Libraries and Collections. Participants should be scholars in institutions abroad who are unable to access the library and research materials at their own institution. Sponsorship terms are six months, renewable once to a maximum of one year. Units interested in hosting a virtual visiting scholar should identify a U-M collaborator and submit an application to the program.

MVSP Application Process and Requirements

Michigan Virtual Provost Scholars (MVSP) Program Application

Applications should be completed by University of Michigan Units or Departments and consist of:

  • A completed application form
  • A recent CV of the scholar
  • A letter of support from the hosting unit’s Director or Department Chair

Applications are currently open and accepted on a rolling basis. The University of Michigan will enroll up to 200 scholars in this program at any given time.

The MVPS Program is intended to support research scholars in a virtual format. Accordingly, visa sponsorship, stipend payments, and office space are not provided. Scholars will receive a U-M uniqname, which will allow access to the library system, the University’s virtual collections, and select software tools, including email. The uniqname expires at the end of the sponsorship term.

Questions about the program or application process may be directed to MVPS-Program@umich.edu.

Virtual Lecture Honoraria Opportunity

Virtual Lecture Honoraria

In addition, for Units and Departments hosting Virtual Visiting Scholars, the Provost’s Office is accepting applications for small honoraria to be offered to the scholar, if the Department/Unit organizes and hosts them for a virtual lecture. If accepted, the honorarium will be transferred to the scholar after the lecture. Applications for virtual lecture honoraria should be emailed to MVPS-Program@umich.edu.

Resources Available for Scholars and Students Displaced by the War in Ukraine

Resources Available for Scholars and Students Displaced by the War in Ukraine

The MVPS Program supports scholars displaced by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Additional information and resources are available for scholars and students affiliated with the University of Michigan, and for prospective students:

Support the MVPS Program

Support the MVPS Program

The MVPS Program welcomes donations by individuals and organizations to support this important initiative. To donate, visit MaizeRaise.

Other Visiting Scholar Opportunities

The U-M welcomes visiting scholars for research, guest teaching, and other forms of collaboration.  Following guidelines from U-M Academic Human Resources, the specific terms of visiting scholar appointments are negotiated within individual departments:

U-M African Presidential Scholars Program (UMAPS) participants visit Belle Isle Park in Detroit

U-M African Presidential Scholars Program (UMAPS) participants visit Belle Isle Park in Detroit (Photo by Mitchell Photography)

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