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Selling bananas

Mbale, Uganda
     Goddard took the picture from inside another bus that was heading back to Kampala. She was in Mbale to visit an interfaith coffee cooperative, part of an internship with Global Alliance for Legal Aid (GALA).
     “I photographed this scene because it was a perfect example of an everyday event in Uganda and I wanted to capture moments that later on I could share with family and friends. In Uganda, I found street sellers to be the most prominent and the most aggressive of any neighbors. The women are all selling the exact same thing, something I found fascinating and could not comprehend for a long time. What I also think this photo reminds me of is my cultural biases, thinking of things in a very American perspective at times. It’s a reminder to me that if I want to focus on international development, it’s important to ask when I don’t understand and not to presume I know what makes sense!”
     Goddard was one of 20 graduate students in the Global Impact internship program in the summer of 2013. The program is sponsored by the William Davidson Institute,  a non-profit research and educational institute at the University of Michigan.