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Maiko dressup

Kyoto, Japan

This photo won the grand prize in the Center for Global and Intercultural Study’s 2014 photo contest.

“Our group had been in Kyoto for a few weeks, and we came across a flyer in our inn about a service that dressed people up in Maiko or Samurai clothing in Gion, the center for Geisha in Japan. After signing up, the four of us girls were surprised about the amount of time and effort put into getting us ready. The Japanese locals spent a few hours getting our makeup done, placing and decorating wigs and getting us dressed in layers upon layers of kimonos. After this preparation we were given free time to take pictures with each other and this photo was a result of all of us together after the experience. It was truly an eye opening experience of part of the preparation it takes, and we had so much fun learning about it.”