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History lesson

Dakar, Senegal
The other students and I took a class called “History of Islam in Senegal” while abroad, and our very well-connected professor, who told us he has met Condoleezza Rice, took us on many different field trips to mosques and other important religious sites in Dakar. This particular visit was to the Islamic Institute in Dakar. We visited a library that was filled with beautifully bound books covering a variety of subjects and religions. Next we visited some classes and introduced ourselves and the students in the English class were very excited to practice their English with us. We also visited the president of all of the imams of Senegal, and he gave us each a few books he had written and signed them for us. Finally we came and sat in the courtyard and learned about the different Muslim brotherhoods and their history in Senegal. Our professor kept taking pictures of all of us during the lesson so I decided to get up and take one of him too.