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Graffiti centuro cultura

Buenos Aires, Argentina
I took this picture while wandering throughout the city, and truly stumbled upon it. I found this behind a museum in the area of Buenos Aires called “Recoleta.” I thought the scene was intriguing not only because the graffiti was beautifully created but also because of the clear representation of the artist’s idea of the citizens living in the high-end part of town. This area is clearly where the wealth of the city is concentrated, and the graffiti that I encountered was a stark contrast to the wealth of that part of town, as graffiti is typically more abundant in the outskirts of cities. In my opinion, this painting serves as an explanation of the corruption of the city and the vast differences between the impoverished majority and the wealthy minority. My favorite part of the painting lies in the attention to detail in the watch that the man is wearing, as it runs on money, not time. To me, this emphasizes the obsession of the wealthy to become even more wealthy while the poor become poorer.