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Travel Safety and Wellness
Country Risk Ratings

Congo, Republic of the

Overall Country Risk Rating

Travel Health Medium Risk

Affected Areas: Entire Country

Last Updated: September 7, 2022

Eligibility & Requirements

Republic of the Congo currently has a Travel Health Medium Risk rating. 

Undergraduate and graduate students on University of Michigan Related Travel (UMRT) are eligible to travel to this location after completing the following requirements:

  1. Register your travel with U-M (For students who applied for their program through M-Compass, your program application is your travel registration.)
  2. Submit a Travel Health Plan at least 3 weeks before departure. (See Travel Health Plan & Safety Plan Process for details.)
  3. Enroll in U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance for the travel duration. 
  4. Follow college/unit-specific travel approval steps, if any.
  5. Review the Additional Considerations for International Travel.

Review Republic of the Congo’s U.S. Department of State Country Information Page, CDC Travelers’ Health page, and OSAC Country Security Report for travel health and safety information.