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Travel Safety and Wellness
Country Risk Ratings


Overall Country Risk Rating

Travel Health Medium Risk

Affected Areas: Entire country except Travel Restriction areas


Travel Restriction

Affected Areas: The cities of Kandi and Tanguieta; North from Kandi and Tanguieta to the Niger / Burkina Faso border; Pendjari and W National Parks, Zones Cynegetique De La Pendjari, De Latakora, and De Djona, and the adjacent hunting zones; RNIE 7 between Banikora and Segbana; RN10 between Nikki and Segbana

Last Updated: January 19, 2023

Eligibility & Requirements

Benin currently has a U-M Travel Health Medium Risk rating, with specific regions of the country having a U-M Regional Travel Restriction risk rating. 

  1. Determine whether the cities or locations you visit are within a Travel Health Medium Risk area or within a Regional Travel Restriction area.
  2. For cities or locations within a Travel Health Medium Risk area:
  1. For cities or locations within a Travel Restriction area:
    • Undergraduate students are prohibited from traveling to a Travel Restriction destination for UMRT.
    • Graduate students on UMRT are eligible to travel to this location after completing the following requirements:
      1. Register your travel with U-M (For students who applied for their program through M-Compass, your program application is your travel registration.)
      2. Submit a safety plan for individual travel at least 3 weeks before departure. (See Travel Health Plan & Safety Plan Process for details.)
      3. Enroll in U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance for the travel duration. 
      4. Follow college/unit-specific travel approval steps, if any.
      5. Review the Additional Considerations for International Travel.

Review Benin’s U.S. Department of State Country Information Page, CDC Travelers’ Health page, and the OSAC Country Security Report for travel health and safety information.

*Note: If your travel itinerary includes locations/cities that are Travel Health Medium Risk locations and Regional Travel Restriction locations, you only need to submit one (1) Safety Plan. If your travel itinerary only includes locations / cities that are Travel Health Medium Risk locations and you are not traveling to a Travel Restriction area, then only a Travel Health Plan is needed.