Michigan Brasileiro

College of Engineering

NASA Scientists send most ambitious space mission to Mars (Cientistas da Nasa enviam a mais ambiciosa missão espacial até Marte)
TV Globo, 30 min. video

Students building sustainable systems for rural Brazilians

College of Literature, Science and the Arts

Extreme makeover: community edition

Working for clean energy in El Pantanal: Wallenberg fellows Ethan Shirley and Julie Bateman

NSF grant to investigate role of fungus in amphibian decline

Portuguese language program

Institute for Social Research

Christoph Nolte: Studying the economic tradeoffs of land conservation in Brazil

International Institute

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Medical School

Brazil initiatives

Office of the President

International initiatives

Ross School of Business

Philippe Prufer, MBA ’88, recognized for alumni service to Ross

School of Dentistry

U-M, Brazilian dental students in exchange program

University Library

Flickr slideshow: Orson Welles in Brazil (Special Collections Library)