Exploring the world and tackling global problems have long been a key part of the University of Michigan’s traditions. We are studying and doing research at more than 600 sites  worldwide. Not only do we go out into the world, we bring the world to Ann Arbor, attracting thousands of scholars, students, speakers, exhibits and performers from abroad each year. Global Michigan seeks to describe our global engagement with compelling pictures, videos and stories. The goal is to showcase the work of our faculty, students and staff as well as inspire the U-M community and greater public to become more informed about the world.

A deep understanding of global issues has never been more important for students. Their lives will have global dimensions and drivers to a degree not true of their parents’ generation. World events will have a greater effect on the companies they will work for and lead, the scholarship they will pursue, the policies and positions they will vote on or enact, the associations they will form via the Internet and the cultures they will meld in their own experiences. U-M seeks to prepare students for this growing international engagement.

Brazil, College of Engineering