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Administrative Tools

This collection of resources can help U-M faculty and staff members design and manage international programs.  Also visit the Faculty & Staff section of Global Michigan for U-M travel policy updates, health and safety tools and guidelines for partnership agreements and hosting international visitors.


M-Compass is the campus-wide system for managing engaged learning programs for students.  The system serves as a single student portal for domestic and international educational experiences (study, internships, leadership, community service, research, etc.), as well as sources of funding for student participation.  M-Compass provides on-line student applications, program related documents, learning content, communications and reporting functionality.  Contact global.enagement@umich.edu to learn more about the system, adding programs or requesting administrative access.

Procurement process for education abroad programs

Effective March 17, 2014

Education Abroad Procurement Supplemental Form

Procurement Services, in partnership with the Provost’s Office, offers a streamlined process for routing contracts and invoices related to education abroad programs for students.  These guidelines apply to U-M sponsored education abroad vendor service agreements and expenses incurred for:

  • Programs that yield in-residence academic credit and are managed by a U-M unit.
  • Programs that yield transfer credit and are managed by a U-M unit.
  • Academic or co-curricular abroad programs/projects led by one or more U-M faculty or staff members.
  • Student-led co-curricular experiences that are managed by a U-M unit.
  • Student-led co-curricular experiences that are financially sponsored by a U-M unit.
  • U-M faculty or staff expenses related to education abroad programs/projects for students.

This business process is designed to:

  1. Reduce payment processing time for academic units.
  2. Guide units in identifying potential risks associated with education abroad.
  3. Document that the unit-level approver understands and accepts the risks.
  4. Align program design with U-M SPG 601.31 on international travel.
  5. Accommodate both advanced payment agreements and invoice/point of payment transactions.
  6. Record transactions to create campus-wide reports on programs/partnerships and inform strategic planning for global education.

Departments must follow these steps for education abroad vendor service agreements and/or payment of expenses incurred:

  1. Route all education abroad vender goods/services agreements (with the exception of those itemized under Section 3, below) directly to Procurement Services, with the addition of a supplemental form that documents sponsoring unit responsibility for:
    1. Reviewing and selecting education abroad partners/providers/host organizations and following best practices in education abroad program management, student health and safety and onsite program/facility reviews.
    2. Certifying compliance with U-M SPG 601.31 on international travel, including U-M travel warnings/restrictions, travel registration and travel abroad health insurance.
    3. Identifying and assuming potential financial risks for the sponsoring U-M unit.

    Sponsoring U-M units must translate agreements into English before submitting them to Procurement Services.  Translations may be completed by U-M faculty, U-M staff or professional translators.  Full translations are required due to audit requirements.

    Only one University-level signature (Procurement Services) is needed for these agreements.  Procurement Services is the only authority that is needed to approve and sign these agreements if items a-c (above) are completed.

    Upon execution of the agreement, the unit should process payment(s) to the supplier in accordance with University policy.

  2. When an agreement does not exist and the Department has received an invoice from the vendor, the Department will create an ePro requisition, attach the necessary documentation (i.e. invoice, itemization of costs and the supplemental form) and select the appropriate buyer in Procurement Services.  Procurement Services will then approve the requisition and the Department will submit the invoice to the Shared Services Center for processing.  Sponsoring U-M units must translate invoices into English before submitting them to the Shared Services Center. Translations may be completed by U-M faculty, U-M staff or professional translators.  Full translations are required due to audit requirements.
  3. The Office of General Counsel will review educational agreements that focus on tuition-based student exchange, Consortium Agreements, Affiliation Agreements, Institutional Memberships and other Memoranda of Understanding.  The Vice Provost for Global Engagement and Interdisciplinary Academic Affairs will sign such agreements on behalf of the Regents. If these types of Agreements result in payment(s) to a supplier, the department should create an ePro requisition, attach the fully executed Agreement along with any other documentation (i.e. invoice, supplemental form) and select the appropriate buyer in Procurement Services.  Procurement Services will then approve the requisition and the Department will submit the invoice to the Shared Services Center for processing.
  4. The Provost’s Office Global Engagement Team is the initial contact point for new programs, policies, advice, and questions related to education abroad agreements (global.enagement@umich.edu).  Consultation with the Global Engagement Team is encouraged, but not required for education abroad vendor goods and services agreements.

U-M GeoBlue travel abroad insurance enrollment

Students, faculty and staff from all U-M campuses must have U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance when traveling internationally for university purposes. University-related purposes may include (but are not limited to) study, research, internships, service, conferences, presentations, teaching, performances or athletic competitions.

U-M contracts with GeoBlue to provide this coverage.  Learn more about U-M Travel Abroad Health Insurance, managed by University Health Service.

U.S. State Department STEP registration for student groups

Signing up for the free Smart Traveler Enrollment Programs with the US State Department provides an added layer of emergency support and updated information for U.S. citizen travelers.  Individuals can sign up to automatically receive country updates, including travel warning and alerts, and be registered with the nearest U.S. Embassy.  Enrollment makes it easier for consular officers around the world to locate and assist travelers in case of emergency.   Non U.S. citizen travelers may also sign up for STEP email travel warnings and alerts, but will not be registered with U.S. Embassies.

U-M administrators can batch enroll travelers for group programs such as education abroad, conferences, competitions, etc.

  • Create and account and login to STEP
  • Use CSV template the bottom of your STEP home page for group registries
  • Populate the template with your participant data or utilize M-Compass report where applicable
  • Upload populated spreadsheet
  • Remember to clear old registries from your STEP account after students return

Education Abroad Participation Data

View U-M education abroad participation data for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Advising DACA-mented Students on Travel Abroad

Please review the November 16, 2016 updates to the Education Abroad/Pre-Departure Planning section of Global Michigan: Guidance for students enrolled in Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  NAFSA: Association of International Educators provides additional DACA Resources for Advisors.  U-M faculty and staff supporting a DACAmented student’s application for advance parole (in order to travel for educational, humanitarian or employment purposes) may utilize this sample DACA student support letter.

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